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Own Mesa AZ Real Estate and become part of one of the greatest history stories of our nation. The area is known for its rich, diverse cultural heritage that dates back at least to 330 BC.

It was then that the ancestors of the Hohokam people first began to build canals here. These canals were used to irrigate crops and provide the tribe with fresh water. The Park of Canals was established to preserve these canals which are of great significance to historians and archaeologists.

These early settlers are not mentioned by name in any known literature and remain a mystery to this day. Their legacy lives on in the form of these amazing canals which transformed the region from barren desert to an area that sustained them and later tribes for centuries.

Just as mysterious is the Hohokam tribe itself. The Mesa Grande ruins comprise a series of structures that these early people built between the years 1100 AD and 1400 AD.

Oddly, just fifty years after completing the work, the entire Hohokam tribe vanished without a trace. The ruins of the site are situated about 20 miles east of Phoenix.

In 1978, the site was added to the National Register of Historic Places. This has enabled the locals to control and preserve the site which remains in pristine and undeveloped. It is a lasting tribute to the Hohokam people.

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Real Estate Property in Mesa, AZ

Just to the east of Phoenix, Real Estate Property in Mesa AZ can be yours at very affordable prices. In fact, there has never been a better time to purchase property here.

Home prices and interest rates remain at record lows. Savvy home buyers can now acquire more home for less money than has been possible in several decades. Interest rates will start to climb as the market recovers, so locking in a low rate now only makes good sense.

Mesa property is sought-after because of the access to some of the most breathtaking views possible in the state, if not the entire nation. The quality of life here is equally desirable.

The wide open desert basin affords residents excellent opportunities to get out and sightsee, explore the old mining camps, hike or bike along the many desert trails, and climb the mountain and canyon passages.

Mesa is in the Valley of the Sun. Sunshine here is expected approximately 301 days out of the year. Precipitation falls on about 29 days each year. Summer highs reach about 103 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and average about 34.7 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter.

The arid desert climate is dry and free of the sweltering humidity that non-desert states have to deal with. This makes residents ignore the high temperatures and go about enjoying the many outdoor activities that make Mesa an exciting and fun community in which to reside.

The overall cost of living is lower here than across the rest of the nation. Unemployment in Arizona tends to run below the national average as well. This is in part due to the strong tourism industry and the annual winter flight of those wishing to escape the harsh weather of the northern states.

Adding to the quality of life here is the lovely Mesa Arts Center. Built in 2005, this state of the art complex brings the world's best performing artists to Mesa. Broadway theatre, live concerts, art exhibitions and a year round schedule of entertainment makes the Mesa Arts Center a cherished treasure.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is also a great place for kids and adults of all ages to visit. Using permanent and travelling exhibits, the history of the region is brought to life.

Why not make your decision to become a part of this diverse community which is steeped in a long history of adaptability and survival.

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